Wednesday, January 13, 2016

M -> Mixtape

Here is a mix I threw together for fun. Some of the tracks are old some new. It's just what I've been vibing too this winter. I made it available for download because eventually I'll remove it to upload some other stuff. If you like what you hear, make sure to download it while it's around. More importantly check out the artists you like, and support them. The SYMBOL next to the track is a link back to the release.


  1. Wolftone & Brakebill - In the Cut
  2. Skywlkr - Eyez Wide Open
  3. SkyscraperShawty - WTF
  4. Keyboard Kid - Life's Real World 2 Gil
  5. Squadda B - Never Understand
  6. DoNormaal - The Veil (ft. Jay-Hi)
  7. F1lthy & The Loosie Man - Labbatt Blue
  8. Goth Money Records - Yng16
  9. Makonnen & Key! - I Understand
  10. AJ Suede - Gotham Mountain
  11. Shabazz Palaces - Blastit
Enjoy and support the music.

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